Beneplácito, S.L.

International cultural consultancy.


Among projects we have realised are:

Helping a Japanese architectural publisher, Kenchiku Shiryou Kenkyusha, produce a picture book, The Andalusian Patio, in Japanese and English:


Helping a Japanese magazine, Katei Gaho, produce an article on Andalusian Patios:


Helping a Spanish pictorial magazine, El Paseante, produce a special bilingual issue on Japan:


Helping a Spanish magazine, Nuevo Estilo, publish an article on Japanese interior design:


Helping a Canadian architecture magazine, Insite, produce an article on a Japanese architect: 


  • Advising a major American relocation firm, Bennett Associates, Inc., on Spanish business culture.
  • Helping an American university, Suffolk University, Boston, found an overseas campus in Spain.
  • Helping an Italian cultural foundation, Fondazione Clarice Orsini, make contacts in Spain.
  • Organising summer schools in Spain, including cultural travel, for Ueno Gakuen, a Japanese university.
  • Organising concerts and exhibitions for American and Japanese musicians and artists in Madrid and Paris.